I am thrilled to introduce to the world the new edition of The Phoenix, published by Lethe Press in 2009. The original edition, which was self-published, has sold out except for a few strays. The gorgeous new cover is by British artist Ben Baldwin. The video was created by Brenda Adcock, who is also the author of “The Sea Hawk.”

With this new edition, I was able to tie up a few loose ends, make some improvements, and most of all, fix the Americanisms that crept past me and which my British readers kindly pointed out. They all said the goofs did not affect their enjoyment of the story, but once I knew they were there they drove me to distraction. Now they’re fixed. Yay! So for your enjoyment, here is the new cover.

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Ben Baldwin cover artist

new edition of The Phoenix
ISBN-10 1590210468
ISBN-13: 978-1590210468

Ebook: ASIN: B001PTG3PQ