Here is the tentative cover for Counterpoint, done by the multi-talented Alex Beecroft. (Yes, THAT Alex Beecroft!) There may be slight changes to the published cover, but for now…this is it.

Cover art for Counterpoint: Dylan's Story

Music, love, loss, the courage to love again, a gypsy violinist, the passion to create–Counterpoint: Dylan’s Story. Watch for it.



To Be Published

JULY 2010



Contract was signed April 22, 2010!

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While we’re waiting, join me in my Happy Dance!!!

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Finally — news!! I am proud to announce that my short story “Legend of the Mountain Ash” will be in I DO TWO, being published by MLR Press February 14, 2010. No one concerned with the book — authors, editors, designers, publisher — is being paid.
ALL PROCEEDS go to Lambda Legal for the continuing fight for marriage equality.

“Legend of the Mountain Ash” is set in Appalachia, and tells the story of a love that will last for eternity.


January 28, 2010
Well, obviously, the last entry was a little premature. I heard from a few people who wanted me to continue the blog so I did add a few more reviews. I’ll continue for a while longer.

October 23, 2010
As of midnight October 31, 2009 no new reviews will be added due to lack of traffic. Perhaps at some point in the future the reviews blog will be resurrected. Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the ones already here, enjoy!

I have enjoyed doing them, but have to make a choice between the reviews which are seldom read and my own writing. I have two short stories in upcoming anthologies, and Counterpoint coming out in the Spring, all of which will have to be officially edited.

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Ciao, everybody.

tn_violin1_jpgSeptember 20–

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August 4, 2009 — Actual news!

I’m not a very good blogger. Truth is, I don’t ever think I have anything to say that anybody wants to know. My life is as exciting as watching oil paint dry. But stay with me (or scroll to the end) and you’ll see some exciting news. (g)

However, here are a couple of new interviews, one silly (with Rick Reed)and the other longer and for real, on the NEW GLBT section of The Romance Studio. – the one posted by the one and only Rick Reed, gay lit’s Stephen King!

Through August 2009 the one at TRS will be found at : For a year after that, it will be at: I hope some of you will read it and let me know your thoughts.

Both of my 2009 newsletters are archived on my website,, on the links page, if you’re interested.

Remember 10 years ago, when a lot of people thought the entire computer system and maybe the world would go ka-blooey because a new millenium was about to launch? And we’re still here. I think.

Excerpts from my writings, especially Counterpoint: Dylan’s Story, will be put on my website from time to time.

One of these days I’ll figure out how to do this right. This is the third try at posting the gorgeous new cover for the revised version of The Phoenix. The cover art is by Ben Baldwin.


tom-cover-for-e-bookOnce upon a time I wrote a piece of whimsy about an unconventional love with an even more unconventional twist. It amused me and I considered it a fun thing, a throwaway, and submitted it, not for publication, but to an online writers group. Then I forgot about it.

A couple of years later, to my surprise, TWO publishers wanted it for anthologies, so my odd, amusing little story ended up in print in two different collections and made me a little money. Then an online zine wanted it last year, and it was available again.

Now Lethe Press, the publisher of the new edition of The Phoenix (see below) has issued it as a free e-book on AllRomanceEbook. So go to and download it in PDF or other formats.

It won’t cost you a dime and might give you a smile. And who can’t use a free smile nowadays?

The original version of The Phoenix, which will be available until December 31, 2008, was self-published.

In FEBRUARY 2009, it will be republished by a real publisher, Lethe Press. Lethe has already put it on Amazon with the new ISBN and it is available for pre-order. The cover has not been designed yet, so there is no cover image.

The publisher, Steve Berman, is a fine writer and editor, in addition to publishing. One of Lethe’s books, Two Spirits, is one of my favorite books and I have a review of it on this blog.

If you want to make a note of it, here is the information on the revised The Phoenix:
Lethe Press; New Edition (February 1, 2009)
ISBN-10 1590210468
ISBN-13: 978-1590210468
Listed on Amazon at $18

Soooo are you scratching you head and asking why I would revise a book that has won an award and received many fabulous reviews? Well, here’s the skinny on that:
The biggest reason was so that I could fix the Americanisms that crept in because I did not have British beta readers for it. God love ’em, three of my British readers let me know about my boo-boos and have been kind enough to tell me what and where they were. For instance–my characters were riding railroads instead of railways, and having candy instead of sweets. I described Cotswold stone as pinkish, but it’s more yellowish. Little things like that which other Yankees wouldn’t notice.

Revising it gave me a chance to analyze and fix some other things I noticed after publication. A pair of cousins are now brother and sister because it made more sense. I added a fair number of many kinds of details, too (hopefully not too many!)

So I can say with complete honesty: the story stayed the same; only the words changed.

Watch this space occasionally. I hope to have a few last copies of the self-published version to sell CHEAP very soon. If there are enough left, I will also use them from time to time as giveaways for promo sites such as The Romance Studio. In fact, I’m giving eight copies away on TRS right now! Check it out. Maybe you’ll win one. Go to:

The images at the beginning were supposed to be here, at the end. But I’m not smart enough to figure out how to do it! They were some of the images I used as inspiration for Kit’s home at St. Denys Hill, and Nick’s bucolic childhood home in the Cotswolds.