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By Lori L. Lake

Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

ISBN 1932300503

With SNOW MOON RISING author Lori L. Lake has created something rare: a boldly written, meticulously researched book that will take your soul, wring it dry, make you cry, and make you think. 

SNOW MOON RISING covers seventy years in the life of Mischka Gallo, a Polish Roma (Gypsy), from the free but hard life of the traveling caravan through the manmade hell of a Nazi work camp, to life as a refugee in New York without even a name that is her own, to coming together with her one true love in middle age.
SNOW MOON RISING is masterful, a word I do not use lightly. The story recreates the world of the Roma, who were among the forgotten victims of the Holocaust.

The author has structured the book in a “bookend” style, which goes back and forth between 1989 and the years between and during the two world wars. The “bookend” structure diminishes some of the suspense, but it lets the reader make it through the horrible things that happen because you know that Mischka survives.

The book begins with Mischka, at eighty, talking to fifteen-year-old Tobar, her grandson in every way except biologically. Tobar is a typical American teenager who is unhappy about his life and hates his name. Then Mischka draws him into the story about his name and his heritage. It is a story Tobar–and the reader–will never forget.

Though Lori Lake is well known among readers of Lesbian books for her “Gun” series, this story of human vitality and courage will win her a legion of new fans.